Monday, January 27, 2014

The Journey

It's wet today, but surprisingly, the breathing isn't too difficult. Yahoo! I'll just take it easy today. A simple breakfast planned and a simple lunch. DH has already given his okay. I really do have to start the taxes today and I have a book to work on. I expect my nurse today, which takes an hour after she checks all my vitals and we talk.

As I've indicated I always have questions.  (grinning) Then she has to look up the answers...  No, I don't do this to be cute, I really do want to know. It's called an enquiring mind.

I also have to get a couple of blogs started. Today I appeared with another writer and talked about the medieval awaiting the publisher's okay. Blogging with other authors is a lot a fun and I really enjoy it. I especially like the comments. Oh, and I have to get stuff together for my web designer.

What! I thought this was going to be an easy day. Didn't realize I had this much to do.  Maybe the taxes will have to wait.

No, don't say it. I know. At it again. Putting off today what I can do tomorrow. Praying I have a tomorrow to do it.


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