Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Journey

I'm not going to say a word about the cold.  Been there before. Unfortunately, the wood we bought yesterday is green. It won't burn.  Bad news. At least we have a number of logs from the first batch we bought. So we can have a fire today.

There! Not a word about the cold. (grinning)

Now to the situation with me. I'm in a holding pattern. I see my heart specialist tomorrow and he will interested in the fluctuating pulse rate. And there is a pause every once in a while. My heart misses a beat. Nobody seems to be to concerned so I guess I'm not. The cancer causes the eyes to go back, but not the heart. That I find interesting.

What complicates the lungs is the fact my left lung is in such awful shape. If whooping cough was the cause, it's a wonder there wasn't a lot more lung cancer years ago. Perhaps there was, but people missed it. That's an interesting subject. If I had the time, I really should do some research. I can hear DH groan. Not more medical research. But thanks for the different medical sources available because I found out what each of the eye drops the doctor wanted DH to use after his surgery would do. These have made a big difference and his sight is improving by the hour. He'll be getting new glasses in another week of two.

Now, I have blogs to write, and material to gather and send to my web designer. I still have to e-mail the fan page stuff to my daughter. And this is the end of January. It's an extremely busy time for our family. I have five granddaughters. the middle one has a birthday tomorrow, then she is followed quickly by the other four. Yes all five granddaughters were born within 25 days of each other. Different years, but all around the same time. So  birthday e-mails to send.

Full day ahead.

Allison, looking to start a new list. (The other one is full!) 

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