Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Journey

We lucked out, big time. We did not lose our electricity, our fireplace worked well, we didn't have any place to go, so winter storm or no, we are doing fine. Of course the south is not prepared for the kind of weather we are having. We have no salt to spread, no sand to sprinkle, no road graters equipped with scrapers. The only safe thing to do is to close everything. So it is a cold, windy, do nothing day. I am very grateful that the electric didn't go, because everything in the house is electric. Plus I'm on oxygen and without the power, my machine generating my O2 wouldn't work. Yes, we do have a generator, but it takes gasoline and is a head ache to hook up. Can do, but don't like it.

Surprisingly, I feel pretty good today. I'm going to get to several things on the 'list'. We'll see. And I'm finding this weather is causing a lot of illness. There are lots of people who need prayers. So join me in asking for a lot of healing.


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