Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Journey

Took a quick trip to the grocery today for of all things - Firewood!  I've looked at the temps for our area and I'm delirious that we have a fireplace. I can even enjoy the fire as long as the O2 canisters are not near it (they are safely locked away in the dining room a good forty feet from the fireplace) and my O2 tubing is fine as long as I let DH handle the fire. Yes, I did check with the O2 company.

Thankfully the grocery still had plenty of wood, because everyone else is OUT!

In fact, DH stopped yesterday and bought two bundles at a filing station where we've bought wood before. I feel so sorry for the people who also bought wood there, because it is green wood. Unless you build a lot of fires, campfires or in  a fireplace, green wood doesn't mean a thing.  What it is, is wood just cut from a tree that's downed only a few short days or weeks before. Each log has enough  sap in the wood to make it heavy and useless. Except for fir, that sap makes the wood wet and wet wood doesn't burn unless you get it very hot to dry it out. The heat needed to start this wood would burn the house down. So our trip to the grocery to get wood was essential.

Heat pumps are great until the bottom falls out of the temps and it looks like that's gonna happen around here. And I do not like cold weather......

Two more spread sheets to do and then half my to do list is finished.  I'm getting things accomplished. Proud of myself at the moment. If I can keep feeling decent, I'm gonna be a very happy camper...

Allison, Off to start the last of the two spread sheets she has to do!!!

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Rita Bay said...

Didn't know anything about wood until I took down a huge hickory tree this year. Thought we could burn it but DH explained why we couldn't Who knew! Rita