Monday, January 06, 2014

The Journey

Time to make an appointment with the oncologist. I promised I'd do it when I had the first part of the taxes info all together. Finished that last night. Now I have to start this year's bank account info. Each year, I have to close out one and start a new year. Okay a pain, but makes it easy to find yearly expenses. And I have enough trouble finding things as is!!!

Other than the total collapse in the evening, 'cause all the energy is gone, and that stupid band for which no one came find a reason, I don't feel too bad. Surprising, though, how the slightest activity wears me out. My hospice nurse says it's part of it, so, I'm learning to do a little, rest, do a little more, rest some more. I just have to be careful not to start something that will not allow a bit of a rest in the middle. Tried that over the weekend. Not good.

Cooking is going to be the hardest part, 'cause moving around the kitchen and trying to mix, watch the stove, and keep everything together precludes stopping at times. I'm going to have to learn to plan better, or start changing the menus. Hmmm  the later sounds easier. I'll just start changing the menus.
Finger foods that don't require heat to eat. I've already commented about my poor DH in the kitchen. That is not going to happen.

With any luck by the end of this week, I'll have the new (used) computer ready to go and be able to start on the new book. This is a historical set in the 1840's in England. Still working on a title for this one. I'm horrible about titles. I have to have a working title before I can start a book. Just one of those little idiosyncrasies we writers have.

Off to start the bank account info.


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