Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Journey

No, I'm not going to mention the cold. Everyone knows it's cold. Opps! I mentioned it.

No, I'm going to mention things like how could I make an appointment with my doctor, when I can't find the telephone number. Stupid things like that.

My memory is slipping, I swear. I was trying to remember the name of a musical group last night during the football game, and I couldn't remember. I used to say that inability was because I had so much in my head the stuff would get lost, but now I'm not so sure.  I still know my left from my right, so I can rule out several diseases. That's good. Must be the age. Or, I'll go back to my original excuse.
I have so much good stuff in my head the little stuff just gets lost.

Things on the list are getting accomplished. Slowly. I'm still pooping out fast after about three in the afternoon, so mornings for the heavy stuff. By heavy I mean moving things around, especially me.
Baking a cake is a morning only occupation. Cooking something big for lunch is a morning only occupation. But, I am starting to learn to live within these activities. I now have to learn to plan not to try to do too much (or put too much on my list) for the day.

Then I don't feel like I failed at getting stuff done. I have almost finished with tax prep. One more thing to do, and I done until W2's and 1099's come in. So, I'll go get the last thing done and my to do list for this day will be complete.  Ah!  good feeling.  I'm getting in the swing of things. At least for today.

Lesson learned - Don't plan to do too much in one day. Make a list and keep the goals simple and FEW!


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