Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Journey

One thing about cold weather, the humidity is low, extremely low and that makes it easier for me to breathe. See, there is something good about all this cold weather.

My hospice nurse was here yesterday, and declared, I'm doing well. The top part of my lungs sound great. Of course they do. I can breathe.  (grinning) Other than that, it seems I'm in a holding pattern.
I'll be seeing the oncologist in the next couple of weeks and I suspect we'll be looking at another CT scan. That should tell more about what's going on inside. I used to hate the thought of any kind of scans because of the necessity of the IV.

Lucky for me, my lung doctor (who really is a genius) insisted I go have a port put in. It sounded horrible, but I trusted him so I agreed to see the surgeon. The smartest thing I've ever done. It accesses one of the major veins without having a technician poking around trying to find a vein  in my arms, hands or they even threatened to try my feet. With narrow, wiggly veins I'm what they call a terrible stick. The port prevents all of that.

If you have bad veins and they suggest a port - go for it! It sure takes the stress out of blood tests, scans, IV's, anything requiring a stick.

Allison, off to call the doctor for her appointment.

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