Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Journey

Spent the morning watching TV. I don't usually, but it was good drama. My DH is from the Bronx, so he was interested at least for most of the morning, then it was off to get more meds. I swear I've never taken so many pills in my life. Oh, I have, but this time it just seems like there are more.

The problem is simple - Only 15 day refills. I can certainly see Hospice's reasons. If you are in a hospice program, you are considered terminal. So who knows just how long you'll manage to survive and be able to take pills, some of which are big and require lots of water to wash them down.

But it sure makes trips to the pharmacy happen more often than we're used to.

Still working to get things ready for the new computer. I've also copied all the info from the old computer I wanted to save, URL's people's contacts, blogs, writing hints. I transferred them to a scan disk. I love the kind where you push the USB connection from inside the case into the computer. The back of the little disk is clear, so I took labels, cut them to size and listed what the disk contains.  I.E, Books, WIP, so on. At least (if the labels stay on) I'll know what I have on each disk. Right now I'm feeling very proud of myself. Organized. My DH will laugh if I say that out loud!

Allison, About ready to start the new (used) computer.

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Runere McLain said...

Have only had a few times when taking medications felt as if I experimented with communing with nature--as in so many pills I felt like a chicken pecking corn! LOL I know it gets tiresome, and I sympathize with you, but keep up with your meds!

I love the USB memory sticks! They're so easy to use and have so much storage. Unfortunately, for me, I manage to set them down somewhere and lose them. Then it's a frantic scramble through papers, underneath reference books, through desk cubbyholes, moving the grandkids' toys around, SEARCHING the g-kids' toys (once found one in the trunk of a toy car) . . . Thinking all the while that's what I get for being so smug about backing things up like a professional, only to wind up searching wild-eyed and panic stricken, looking totally un-professional. LOL

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, lady. Hope you have make 15-day interval trips to the pharmacy for an extremely long time! The inconvenience is a minor trade off to keep you feeling better.

Blessings to you, Allison. Looking forward to your next book!