Monday, February 10, 2014

The Journey

Same story. Not too bad in the am, slowing down in the afternoon and by evening, I'm so tired it's hard to make it to the bedroom, take my night time meds and get ready for bed.

Unfortunately, another ancient problem has decided to make its self known.  Years ago, I had to have my right hip replaced. Too much calcium (Known as arthritis).  Not uncommon, easily fixed, hip replacement. Fine and dandy. Worked great. I got along well, hip worked well, didn't stop me from doing anything. The hip was designed for up to 15 years of service.

Guess what, that 15 years are up.  And bit were they accurate. The cap needs to be replaced. It's worn out. Can they replace it?

Given my current diagnosis, nope! So I'm limping along, right hip and right back side a problem.
And yeah! I'll complain about that. I'm not fond of pain meds, but I can see some in my future. Not for the lung yet, but for the dang hip! Any recommendations on pillows would be helpful.

Allison, gritting her teeth to keep from swearing.

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