Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Journey

Got my nap in yesterday, but I still am a little slow today. It has to be the band which I said was back. I still have it slightly, and at times it increases in pressure, then decreases. This is fascinating. I know a little bit about anatomy and from what I know this doesn't make a lot of sense. Oh, well, I just am going to let the authorities figure this one out.  (grinning)  No more self diagnosis.

Waiting for the first of the edits and ready to get together with my web mistress. It pays to have someone you trust, in this case my family, working on my web site. I'm blessed with geeky children and grandchildren. My lap top is a mess. I picked up something from an e-mail and the strangest things are showing up. I've been invited now to two porn sites, something I'm not the least bit interested in. That, along with a zillion ads, are interfering with my internet explorer. Changing passwords, running a virus program, doing all the things they say you should do. If I manage to accomplish it all, I'll post tomorrow.  If I don't - oh, boy, I've run into trouble, because computer geek son goes home tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for me.


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