Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Journey

Geek son is on his way home. We still have the Trojans and the virus on one machine. He told me what to do. He has to be kidding? I think I can do it, but I'll wait until he gets home and then before I try, I'll call him up and have him walk me through it. Only one problem. Although I'm a teacher, not one of my kids is any good at give instructions.

I'm trying hard to ignore the band which is still there, dang it. and the meds do help, so I'll take the meds and pretend it isn't there. Hope that works. I'm still waiting for the edits, but then the editor has to read the story first before she can make the first suggestion. But, I'm still waiting with baited breath. Always important to see what your editor thinks of the story. So I wait. DH says it's great and he has been a great credit. I remember well when he had a fit over the way I wanted to end the first 'song' book. He was shouting I'd ruined the hero, so I've learned to trust his opinion.

It's also wonderful that my DH is interested in what I write, willing to read ever word and offer comments. In fact, he finished the 2nd chapter of the wip, and had another fit. I wanted to do something and he pointed out, rather loudly, that if I did it that way, I'd mess up the heroine big time.

Gee, I hate it when he is so right!


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