Monday, February 03, 2014

The Journey

Yesterday turned out to be a good day. Got a lot finished. Even got to work on the new book finishing the second chapter, and starting the next. It's a good feeling when you get things accomplished. I've managed to complete a couple of important tasks. Just about ready to start the tax return. (Haven't we heard that before?)

DH and I worked on breakfast and on lunch together. It does make a difference. I wasn't as exhausted by late afternoon as I usually am. So that's going to be the routine from now on. Let's hope he stays healthy, cause it's really obvious I'm going to need him a lot in the future. That's why a good marriage is such a blessing. And we have one. We are good friends as well as lovers. And I've told my granddaughters, all five of them, marry a good friend if you love them. You can love without that person being a friend and that almost always ends in disaster. Of there are exceptions, but the other way, loving a friend and marrying him, is a safer way to go.

I think after fifty some years with my guy, I have the right to offer a valid opinion.

I have my list made for today. Ready to start work.


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