Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Journey

Well, shoot, we have discovered another problem! A big problem. We have a king sized bed. It's a new mattress, gifted to us by one of the kids. Great mattress, however the danged thing weighs a ton. (Well, not quite, but it's heavy) We can't pick up the thing to change the sheets. Oh, we can strip it just fine, but putting the sheets on takes more than we've got. Something to think about if you are in the market for a new mattress. The newer ones weigh a lot, a whole lot!

Solution - sleep on dirty sheets - not going to happen, or hire someone to help make the bed. Now, doesn't that sound like a stupid thing to have to do.  We changed the bed yesterday, and we both agreed that was the last time. We'll make other arrangements, because by the time we got it finished we were both exhausted, I couldn't breathe and I ended up coughing half the night away.

Other than that small inconvenience, not doing badly. Got a new med to help stop the recurring lung infections I keep getting. That's what makes the coughing so hard and frequent. But that's been going on now for almost fifteen years. So, I'm not complaining. Cough drops help, and I'm crossing my fingers the new meds with slow down the infections, hence less coughing.

Writing and coughing don't go together too well.


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