Friday, February 07, 2014

The Journey

Today, this is a shout out to the individuals who undertake the job of Hospice volunteers and Nurses. My regular nurse told me early on that her own father had cancer, lung cancer. From some of our discussions I gather she was really fond of her father. Yet she chose to work with other people who she is going to have to watch die of the same thing that killing her own father.

How can she do that?

All of those people I've met that are involved in Hospice, or who work as distributors supplies those things needed by the patients, have been wonderful. They are concerned, interested, yet there is not one bit of pity from any of them. So today I want to salute everyone who works with terminally ill patients. I'll offer prayers today and every day that you can continue the work you have chosen to do.

I for one, cannot tell you all how much your are appreciated.


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