Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Journey

One more thing to do and the last batch of edits should be very easy. I hope they are very easy. I thought about something yesterday afternoon. Something was needed as explanation. I asked my DH, who is my first reader. He agreed, so I asked my editor. She agreed. So I have to go back and add something, then the second round are done and I made my own deadline.  A good feeling.

A quick trip to Wal Mart this am and I succumbed. I bought a chocolate layer cake. Like I need it!
But I wanted it, it just looked so good. So chocolate cake for lunch.

I feel much better today. The weather has improved, I've had a chance to rest and when breathing is easier, I feel better. A shame I didn't sleep that well last night, but my story just keep running through my mind, and for about an hour I was rewriting the section I needed to add. I would mentally review one idea, then another, conflicts possible, the heroine's reactions to each idea. That's the trouble with such an imaginary brain. You can tell it to stop, you can try to explain your health means you need sleep, but those little brain cells just laugh at you. That was last night. Guess I should take a nap this afternoon.

I'll probably have the same  battle when I try to take a nap. But I should not complain. It means more books. So now I have to get busy, get the added section inserted and sent off.  Then on to the next wip.


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