Monday, March 24, 2014

The Journey

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Early on a bit of rain, then glorious sunshine. That was yesterday. Today started with glorious sunshine, but now it is starting to cloud up. Oh, well, doing nothing today to speak of so I'll just work at the computer and forget about the arranging of office files I'd planned on doing when the forecast said sunny.

Don't you love it? They can't get the weather right from one day to the next and they tell us things that will happen in the future. Farmers' Almanac is a better deal. I really like all the bit's about how man is changing everything. But no one has yet to explain how things changed so dramatically when there were no people polluting the planet.

Doing all right, experiencing some pain, but nothing that is intolerable. I think I pulled a muscle. That's what it feels like. My analgesics work so I'm not too concerned.

Now, on to the big computer, which is misbehaving miserably. Ever try to e-mail and the text box won't work. It hasn't been working for days and I'm at the "pulling my hair out stage". I can only pray geek son can figure it out. However, he's not coming down for another couple of weeks.  (sigh)


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