Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Journey

I thought about posting after my nurse comes today, then changed my mind. I don't know what it is and decided not to wait until my hospice nurse gives her diagnosis. Nasty chest pain. A combination of pain from a pulled muscle and what a bad chest cold feels like. Especially when I take a deep breath. Keeping fingers crossed that the nurse will tell me it's something simple.

Yesterday was not a good day. My computer misbehaved, my yahoo account wouldn't send messages, then it wouldn't send a jpeg file, and last but not least my printer decided it was done.
My DH tried to clean it and after some nasty names about the instructions, the company, the printer, he put on his shoes, grabbed the car keys and left.

He came back a short time later with a printer just like the small one he has for his daily work. (He has a super-duper one for my promo work). He loves his little printer and can fix this one if I have trouble. No wonder we have stayed together for 54 years. He's a real love and a keeper, and I have a brand new printer.  Yahoo!


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