Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Journey

Probably a pulled muscle.  Horray! Still hurts like  Hades, but the meds are helping and if I don't cough hard, take a real deep breath, or try to lift anything, it isn't bad. And it doesn't hurt at all if I just sit and type.  (grinning) So, gee! I can't do much can I?

I was a bit worried, and my hospice nurse isn't sure I'm out or the woods, so to speak, but she'll let me know on Friday, until then I have a pulled muscle that probably occurred when I try to lift our slightly, well maybe more than slightly, overweight cat with my right hand off the counter in the bathroom.  He loves to drink out of the faucet so if you don't get the door closed quickly enough when you go to the bathroom, guess what?  You have company and he wants a drink.

I tried to pick him up and put him out, so I think that's when I pulled something. I think that sounds good, don't you? But as I said the meds are finally helping, so, minimal pain, unless...

Otherwise, new printer and I'm one happy camper. Now I better go get started on the final ( I hope) edits. Then I can work on "Once More My Love". This one is set in England in the 1840's, but I'm repeating myself. Time to get busy and stop procrastinating....


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