Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Journey

Late today! Really late. But it was a busy day. I'm still going with the  pulled muscle as an excuse for the chest pain. It hasn't been bad today at all, but the pain did wake me up this am. But this was laundry day, and company was coming this afternoon. It was also the day to get the Income tax form in the mail. That always hurts and takes some time before I recover. (grinning)

Having company was fun, but only half the laundry is done. As DH says, there is always tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for quite a few tomorrows. I haven't finished with the last round of edits. It took me most of today to figure out how to indicate to my editor what I wanted to add, where, and how, without destroying her comments (or mine!)

Of course, I finally figured it out, but wow! Two hours before I was satisfied with what I had. I'm only hoping she likes the way I worked it out. Today I'm afraid to ask.  (grinning) A bit of a coward here.

And, I got scolded by another author for misspelling a word. I'm a terrible speller, and words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently and mean different things always throw me. That's a great example.  Threw and through. It also took me forever to learn the difference between its and it's. Then there's that darned accept and except. I pronounce them the same, so that's the problem. (Now I'm sighing)

Back to the health thingie. My nurse comes tomorrow. I should know what the doctor had to say about the chest pain. I'm also trying an OTC drug for my runny nose. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Hard to breath through a nose you need to blow. Doctor says it's the O2 (See, I do know when to use it's now.) We'll see if the OTC helps.

Now back to that book.


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