Friday, March 28, 2014

The Journey

Rain, heavy rain, so you know what that means. Lightening, thunder, lights on and off, computers up and down, and my O2 machine on again, off again. A typical summer shower, big time. So I have to take it easy. I'll throw out the plans for lunch - too much work, Let's see. What can I do that's simple?
I'll think of something.

I'll also not clean the strawberries. They will have to wait until tomorrow. We have pineapple we can eat. Rain and I just don't get along for right now. I do have to try the edits. Keeping my fingers crossed that the computers will not be messed up. I think that worries me more than anything else right now.

At the moment my DH is gazing at the retention basin across the street. He doesn't look that worried yet. But we have this ditch in back of our property and I'm watching it. We are getting a lot of rain.
Wonder how long it will take for everything to dry out? And there are people who desperately need  the rain.

May the good Lord send some of this their way.


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