Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Journey

Hmmmm. I think maybe I'm trying to recover from all the rainy weather we've had. Not quite up to snuff today. Breakfast was a put it in the toaster thingie, and I'm talking DH into going out to get something for lunch. Editing is also calling. I didn't get as much done yesterday as I wanted.

With the weather and making breathing hard, I had to rest every little 'whip stitch'. (Northern term) So my accomplishment was minimal. Today I am breathing better, but I'm still tired. I find it takes a day or two to recover. Part of the disease. So says the nurse. At least I have a reason.

When you think about it, I know why I have to know all about what happens and how. If I don't know, with my imagination, I think all the worst and best scenarios. Then when the worst doesn't happen, I'm delighted and when the best doesn't happen, I'm so disappointed. If I know ahead of time, then my mind doesn't go off in a tangent to come up with these crazy ideas. Okay, they say we authors are a bit nuts. (grinning) There may be some truth to that.

So back to the big computer which is behaving today and the book which I am editing.


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