Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Journey

A short trip to Wal Mart. I don't do long trips anymore. Got a couple of things then home for breakfast. Doing better today. Things seem to be calming down a bit. The pulled muscle got a good yank when I tried to get out of bed this morning so I took a deep breath, swore a bit and tried again.

But I pulled the danged muscle again, I hope.  My nurse seems convinced that's what it is, so, I take the muscle pain pills and cross my fingers.

The sun is shinning, most of the moisture from our drenching rain is gone, so breathing should be much easier. Today things look good.  Good days and bad. To be expected. And still editing. I'll be glad when this is finished, the book, the book.  Then I can return to the regency.

So big computer here I come. All my writing programs are on the big computer, in case you wondered.

This laptop is just for e-mails and reading news, which I'll wait to do much later today.


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