Monday, March 31, 2014

The Journey

Happy Monday. It feels like a good day. It's sunny, dry (thank you Lord) and I'm breathing easier today, than even yesterday. I am beginning to think that pulled muscle may not be a pulled muscle. I know they (muscles) take a long time to heal, but the pain comes and goes, sometimes more painful than a muscle ache, and it's moved down into my arm a bit and into my shoulder.

It may also be arthritis. But then I've been hold repeatedly not to diagnose myself.  (grinning) But I know how I feel and just because I'm usually really wrong....  (More grins) But the edits must still be done, I want to start another blog I began weeks ago, my web page needs an update, and I have phone calls I have to make.

So, Thanks, Lord, for the beautiful day. Thanks, also for the better breathing which means I can get more done.

Off to start the phone calls.


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