Friday, April 11, 2014

The Journey

Grocery shopping this am. Now, I'm pooped. I got everything put away - finally. It's surprising how I wear out so quickly. Of course I've said that before, but for over 70 years I've gone full steam. I started something, I finished it. Well, usually. I got into a lot of trouble with reading books, because if it was a good book. well, I just had to finish it. I often went to bed at two or three, even four o-clock, knowing I had to get up at 6, which meant two, three maybe four hours of sleep. Blurry eyed the next day, I'll tell you, but I'd finished the book.  (grinning)

I often sewed until the wee hours of the day, or baked. The family refused to let me clean (which was fine with me 'cause I never did like to clean) because I always made too much noise. However, I discovered I wrote well after ten o'clock at night. But not now! I'm good for a couple of hours, sitting, but walking around and doing things, I'm down to minutes. The hospice nurse tells me this is the way it goes. So, rest I must. but my fingers work fine so I can work on the computer. I just can't get up and do a lot of things, like get the book I want out of the book shelf, sort through the files in the files cabinet.
Now I have to have things at me finger tips. But I'm learning.

If I gather everything I think I'll need together before I start an activity it helps tremendously. So if you know someone having my problems, and they haven't learn to sit and think through what all they'd need, then gather it together before they start, tell them about this. It does really help. I'm getting more done now. A little preplanning and goals get met. Hooray!


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