Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Journey

Laundry day today. Another take it slow day. This is getting to be a habit. Now I have to decide on something simple for lunch. Ah! another frozen dinner. My DH is going to love that. Oh, well, at least they taste a lot better than they used to.

Trying to figure out how many passwords need to be changed. This "bleedheart" bug is a nuisance.
I'm delighted to learn from several of my online companies, they are not affected. They are sending out messages saying "not us" but we do recommend you change your password. If you are like me, you have a whole bucket full of passwords, some for business, some for personal, some for communication. As an English friend would say, 'a bloomin' lot'.

So do I go through and change all the passwords? As if I have the time or the energy to do that.
The only problem is, people have the mistaken idea authors are all very wealthy people. Few realize the average freelancer makes less than a couple of thousand a year. And even some of the big authors don't rake in the kind of money the few at the very top make. Some make it big, very big, but most of us are at the bottom of the scale, trying to work our way up. It's a slow grinding process, but worth the time and the money because the stories just have to be told. Now I'm off to tell one of those stories.


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