Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Journey

I did say I would post a pic of my rose bush when it bloomed. It's started this week. and the roses are beautiful. This poor bush hasn't bloomed for ten years. This year it is full of buds. The thought did cross my mind that this might be the last year I see it bloom like this. But then, it likes a cold winters and we had one of those. So the optimist in me says its the weather.

The story behind the bush is this. It was brought as a taste of home from Holland in the early 1800's by either the Hull family or the Friend family who both settled in PA. Each daughter gets a start of the bush when she marries and gets settled in her home. My mother gave me my start. I gave my daughter a start and in her last move her start died. She'll have to have another root. Then my granddaughters need their starts. And so the bush continues from generation to generation. As a historical author, I just love this. Can't you tell?


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