Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Journey

I've discovered a problem. And this is a hoot! You don't even think about it when you get sick. And it's not until the problem arises that you even realize you have a problem. With my disease, I've discovered, some garments I can no longer wear. I can't breath sufficiently. I have a wardrobe of pants with elastic waist bands. Summer and winter pants, shorts, capris. And in the summer, after all, here in the south, it gets hot and you change clothing at least once a day, sometimes more, especially it you are working outside.

Okay, so I'm not working outside but I still need to wear clean clothes, but nothing fits. So here is the problem. I can't go shopping at the store. I can't walk that far and I don't have an electric cart, so pushing a buggy around is out of the question. I can't go into a dressing room to try stuff on. I don't have the energy. What's left is the internet and I'm learning quickly, this is hit or miss.

I've been trying for almost a month to buy some undergarments (Mother used to call them unmentionables, but we call them bras) I'm on my fourth trial. I order, they come, I try them on, they don't fit, so back they go. I think I might have found one, but I'm calling the company tomorrow and asking a lot of questions, before DH starts yelling about all the returns he's had to take to the post office.

I did find pants that work, now if I get lucky..... 

In the meantime I have a book to write. Best get to it. Rain expected tomorrow, so tomorrow will probably be a sit quietly and take it easy day.  And I had several things planned. Oh, well, there's always Tuesday. Crossing fingers the rain will be only for one day.


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