Monday, April 14, 2014

The Journey

Low pressure moving in. I'll say no more. I did get the strawberries sugared and ready to eat. However, after I finished yesterday's laundry, I decided lunch is gonna be simple today. I had a few phone calls to make and talking a lot, takes a lot of wind. Dang it!  And I do so love to talk. I've posted more pics of the rose bush on my face book page.  if you want to see more of the roses. As I said on facebook, what a shame it only blooms once a year.

Yesterday I saw the hospice PA (physician's assistant). Yes, I'm ill, yes, I need to be on hospice, yes, whatever I have, either the cancer or the lung disease, it will be the death of me. Seriously. But then I knew that. I wasn't the least bit upset when she confirmed what I already knew. She was so nice about it, I didn't want to tell her I had that figured out a few months ago.

Of course, no one will speculate on how long. So we just keep going and doing as long as we can.
My rose bush has bloomed, I'm getting to work on another book, spring has arrived and the flowers here in the south are in full bloom. I love this time of year. A rebirth. So, I'm off to make a simple lunch and then I intend to rewrite another chapter of Once More.

I can sit at my computer and type away. So, off to the kitchen and then the computer.


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