Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Journey

Took a short trip to Wal Mart. Recovery took a little long this morning. Has to be the weather. It's still wet and raining, although the sun is trying now. We are supposed to have good weather over the next couple of days. That will suit me just fine. I do breath so much better in sunny weather. (It's the high pressure systems that make for easier breathing)

I did make banana pudding for lunch. It's a great way to get some CA and some K (calcium and phosphorus) which both my DH and I need. Besides, it makes a great dessert.

Which brings me to the topic of cooking. I love to cook, always have, always will. But now, I don't have the energy to flit around the kitchen and get the ingredients I need. Too many steps, takes too much energy.  I'm leaning to get everything together before I start which makes it easier, but the meals have sure changed. I'm fixing things now that don't take a lot of work. No more fancy meals. I really miss that. I can see a time when fixing any meals will be a real test of my strength. We are sampling all the microwave meals to determine which ones we like, because that's the direction we are going.  All part of the slowly down bit. Ah, such is life.


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