Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Journey

Good days, Yesterday!  Bad days, today. I thought I might go to the grocery for a couple of things. Nix on that. Breathing is just to hard today. I looked at the weather, and yep, here comes another low pressure system, with lots of rain. It does make a difference. So it's take it easy today.

Yesterday, I cleaned out the silverware drawer. I haven't done that for years. What a good feeling. Getting something accomplished that should have been done years ago.

This morning, I went through all those cosmetics you collect over the years. I had mascara that was dried out, eye liner that I no longer wear, face powder that is much too light and something I no longer wear. Then there is the nail polish. The French style, white tips and clear nails, is no longer considered stylish. So out with the clear and the white. Almost I have a light rose, a cream, a buff, a couple more of very light colors that are dry and useless, so out they go.

The drawer is now clean. Hooray. Something accomplished. It feels really good to have something that needed to be done finished. Also, today is laundry day. I do one load a day. So today is the light things. I don't dare let my DH do the laundry. He put EVERYTHING in the washing machine together, both dark and light. I do have a few things that fade. So we don't want to do that. No way!

I do the laundry. He carries it from one machine to the other. That works well. I fold, he carries it to the bedroom, and we put away together. He does help. I just don't want everything washed together. (grinning) I'll buy the bras and pants that are pink, or beige when I buy them, not after they've been washed.


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