Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Journey

Well, dang it, I didn't get the edits done as quickly as they hoped. I have sure slowed down. But I can proudly say a firm date has been set for "Lovesong" It will be a July release. Now my web mistress has to get everything changed (Good thing it's my geek granddaughter who does this for a living or I'd have a hopping mad mistress about now. Granddaughter knows not to get upset with me.  I have things she wants. Books and things.... (big grin))

In the meantime I have a few more changes, maybe half a dozen and we are done with this book. Of course, I have already started the next book and now that I have a decent hospice organization to offer the kind of support I need, I think I will get this one done and I might even get the Phoebe anthologies written. Now those should be a blast. Looking forward to starting those.

Which means, I best get off my behind, and into the office and finish the last little bits that need to be done.

Wonder if I can teach DH how to make the perfect steak today? Easy Peasy when you know the rules. Hmmmmm  Interesting thought.

Off to the office to fix the final bits.


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