Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Journey

One more day and it will be finished. Oh, not me. I intend to go on for a time yet. I have this other book to work on. But Lovesong should be finished today.

I do think with this new Hospice organization  and I believe have the meds program down now. Oh, there's some pain, but with the right med at the right time, I'm controlling the pain well., even that stupid hip. Now if I could figure out how to do more at a time, I've have it made.

I get very tired, very quickly if I try to walk around and do things. I tried to run the sweeper the other day. Mistake! I can't do it. Cooking is problem also, but I'm learning which frozen foods are good and which dinners taste like sh---.

Today is laundry. Since DH likes to dump everything in the machine at once, I really have to supervise. Time to stuff the washing machine and then go to work on the last of the book. Hooray.

Maybe tomorrow I can start on Once More.

Off to the laundry room.


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