Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Journey

Friday will be our 54th Wedding Anniversary. Six months ago, I didn't think I would make it. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll be able to make our 55th Anniversary. I am leaning (slowly) to pace myself. With today meds and the care you get with organizations like hospice, this process of dying can take a long time with the quality of life you want to have.

Okay, so I can't do what I used to be able to do, but I can do some things. I get to spend time with family, my brain is functioning well (as can be expected - grinning - some might debate the well bit) but I'm able to think about what I need to do and what I want to do, and to plan how to do each without losing my ability to breath.

A long time ago I saw a movie called "Cheaper By the Dozen". It was all about having a big family and how time management was required. I began to see as I try to do things, what time management is all about. I have to think about what I need when I want to do something, the easiest way to do it, organize the method I need to take the least steps to gather supplies and then plan a rest. Wow! Not how I usually did things, but it's how I have to do it now. However, the great part is - I can do it.

So I just left the kitchen after making my DH's favorite potato salad. For want of a different name, I'm going to call it "Polish Potato Salad". It's simple - thank the Lord! I think I'll put the recipe on my web page. But, here's how I got it made. Had DH get out the cooked chilled potatoes and the vinegar. I collected the bowls (I needed two) knives, onion, cutting board, storage bowl, and Hellman's. Then I rested. Next cut up the onion, and the potatoes, and added vinegar to onions and a bit of sugar. then I rested. You see where this is going. But it worked. I have a bowl of potato salad in the refrig. It took an hour but I did it and I'm not gasping for breath. It will be part of our lunches for at least two, maybe three days. If there is any left - probably not, I'll throw it away (Or DH will) Hellman's you put in stuff, you don't keep for a long time.

Maybe if you have trouble breathing you need to stop and rest and learn to pace yourself, as I'm having to learn.

Now, I'm going to the office and work on some overdo blogs that I promised to do. This afternoon, after lunch, I do believe I'll feel good enough to do some work on the next book.

With the right support, the right instructions (referring to yesterday's blog) I am having a number of good days and one after another. This is one happy person. Loving the kind of living I can do now. Enjoying every minute.

Now, off to the office.


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