Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Journey

And there comes a time!

I'm going to have to ask for help. My hospice organization has volunteers who are ready and willing, and I think now I need to ask for some assistant. My oldest is here, and he's going to do the cooking this week, (grinning) this ought to be an adventure. But next week and the week after. Showers have gotten tricky. We have a built in shower stall with a glass door, and that's the one I use, but that's also the one with the O2 problems. We have the big tub with a shower and a shower curtain. It also has a hand held shower head, so I do believe I'm going to have to move from our bedroom suite to the big shower. I'll have the volunteer help me decide when we talk.

I also am suppose to have help with my meals. Notice I said my meals. I guess DH will have to learn to cook the things he likes, because I'm not at the point where I no longer can do the cooking. It takes a while to admit I just can't do what I did four weeks ago, six months ago, a year ago. It just doesn't work. I don't have the energy. It's call sinking slow into the west.

My fingers and my brain work great so far, so I'll be doing this for a while, hopefully. And yes, I am working on my next novel. I'm not ready to quit yet. May be part of my Scottish, German heritage. Maybe the two of them together make me even worse. Now wouldn't that be fun.


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