Thursday, May 08, 2014

The journey

Well, the hospice nurse just left and it was pretty much what I expect. Things are progressing. The weak meds aren't working well, my hip is torture, and my breathing is more of a struggle. So these updates will probably be shorter as my time here grows shorter. This is the time for lots of prayers for my family. My oldest son and my second oldest granddaughter are aware that I'm sliding down hill.

DH and the other kids don't want it to happen, therefore it will not. But it is and they aren't excepting it. So now, they are the ones who need the prayers.

Except for the tightness and the dull ache when I take a deep breath - or try to, not much pain. X-ray orders are coming trough for a look. That can tell a lot.

A shame they can't fix the cap to my fake hip. That would help a lot. But there is not way they will operate on me now. So, gritting teeth and trying to remember some of those wile words my DH's crews used. And hey, wear words to help.


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