Friday, May 09, 2014

The Journey

Today I met my health care aid. What a sweet heart. She helped me bath, get dressed, then she made the bed.  It helped me a whole lot. And I wasn't absolutely exhausted this time. I even got to do a bit on the book, but not much. I'm bowing out of some my loops because I just don't have the energy I had even two weeks ago.

The hip cap, which I mentioned yesterday is giving me a lot of trouble. We are going to stronger meds and the hospice nurse mentioned I probably should start thinking about a hospital bed. I told her - not yet. If the cap completely falls apart, then I won't be walking at all and I will need the hospital bed. Not quite ready for that yet. If we do go to stronger meds, some of my comments may not make a lot of sense, so be forewarned.

I'm waiting for word on 'Lovesong', the book I wanted to finish so badly. I've a feeling someone else has taken over the copy edits, because I haven't had the arc sent to me yet. I want to prepare the booklet for that book yet. and I'm still going to work on the new novel. I said, I would probably go at the computer, working on a book. I guess that one the Good Lord will decide.

Now, it's nap time, something that is now a necessity.


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