Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Journey

It looks like it's going to be  good day.  Okay, the dang hip hurts, but I am going to have to live with it. (sigh) I found a decent rub that helps a bit. Moving around helps a bit as well. Trouble of course, is moving around takes a lot of energy, and I don't 'got' that And my nurse was very insistent that I do a bit, then rest, do a bit more and rest, more and more. Okay, I did that yesterday. And yeah, it does work. So I will do a bit, rest, do a bit, rest, and over and over.  (grinning) Oh, would I have loved to have this excuse years ago. Just think. "Hey, Boss, my nurse says a bit and rest, a bit and rest." Wonder how long before I got fired.

I have the Errata, my chance to make any final corrections on Lovesong, then it goes to the formatter, I think.

That means I can continue with the new book. Oh, an there are promo things to do for Lovesong. In the mean time, some of the pills I'm now taking make me sleepy, so I gotta take a little snooze.

DH just returned from store, so put stuff away before my snooze - shoot!

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