Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Journey

Well, talk about stupid, I mean really stupid. I have a power port! It is a clip like device that was inserted during surgery along with a tube that goes from the clip inside my chest to the main artery in my neck. It is a marvelous way to avoid a pick line, which also goes into a main vein and stays for up to a year. With a pick you have a tube hanging out of you arm (where they usually put it) which you have to clip closed every time they draw blood or insert meds. And yes, it's not easy to walk around with a tube hanging out of your arm. The port doesn't show. Only problem is it has to be flushed once a month. Of course, if you have big veins that are straight and don't mind a slight bruise, then a blood draw from your arm or hand will work. My veins are tiny, wiggley, and I bruise something awful.

Now, that's where the stupid comes in. The meds company came with the supplies. Everything that came was what I had when I had a pick line. So what did this "very smart" person do. I sent the stuff back. I didn't have a pick line. I didn't need any of this. HA! What I needed was with the stuff for the pick line. So I sent everything we needed to flush the port back 'cause I was so smart.

One of these days, I'm gonna have to learn to keep my mouth shut!

My nurse graciously agreed to call and have them return the package. They did and my husband answered the door. I was hiding my red face.

Now, I have decided to let my nurse order whatever I need and I WILL keep the mouth closed.  I WILL!

Stupid Allison

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