Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Journey

Time to breath and rest. In fact, that's about all I get to do more than half the day. Fortunately, I can sit at the computer and type away. Problem is, the writing programs I use are all on the big computer in the office, what used to be  few feet away but now seems like a mile.

Oh and I forgot to talk about the wheel chair. See, I figured since my legs are good and strong and my arms work fine, why not a wheel chair I could manage on my own to go from room to room. Right?
Sounds like  great idea. Care takers were skeptical but everyone agreed I could try. So here came the wheel chair. However, this one was a chair that had to be pushed. No way for me to turn the wheels. Okay, that wasn't going to work. They took it back and brought out the one with the wheels I could turn to make it go.

And I made it go! right into a table, but with a sharp corner where I promptly tore off about 2 inches of skin. Remember what I said about keeping my mouth shut. I guess that has to go for my ideas as well.
(sigh). I'm going to have to listen to all my advisors.

Okay, now my DH says I can go to my office and work on the budget at least for a little bit. So, since I get to work for a bit, I better take advantage. Because, based on past experience I better do what I'm told.


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