Saturday, April 28, 2012

About The Cats

What is it about cats? They sleep where they want, wonder around as if
the place belongs to them, eat constantly, and yes, the vet says to leave
the food bowls in place and full 24/7. You want companionship and
they can't be found, you don't want companionship and they insist.

We have three beauties. One is marmalade, one tuxedo, and one
 a silver point Siamese and tiger mix, but color doesn't seem to
mean a thing. Nor does age, nor does the place of the origin. The
oldest lived with my daughter before we inherited him. Wally, the
tuxedo was raised by us. We got him when he was only seven weeks
old, and the Siamese was at the vets for almost three years, with a
bunch of other cats. But all three fit the same patterns.

One of these days I'll figure out why when I'm at my desk, or my
computer, they have to be there too. Makes concentrating on my story
a bit difficult.

And printer... Well that's for another time.

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